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How to Create a White-Themed Flower Garden

What comes into your mind when you see the colour white? Some people see it as a symbol of mourning and sorrow, especially in eastern countries. While in the western world, white symbolizes purity, royalty, and elegance. In psychology, the colour white can promote mental clarity and relaxation.

White is a neutral colour so it is great to use in landscaping. You can actually mix this colour with anything. You can use white to create contrast with dark colours and can also use the colour white as an accent colour in your landscape. 

Others might consider a white-themed garden boring, but a white-themed flower garden at night will stand out.

What Flowers to Plant in a White-Themed Flower Garden?

Using white flowers along with other white elements is a good way to create an elegant white-themed garden. Here are some white flowers that you can add to your landscape:


Petunias are low-spreading plants that bloom 5-lobed flowers. They are often aromatic and blooms a wealth of colour. Flowers can bloom in any season. Plant it in a sunny position with moist well-drained soil. It also requires frequent deadheading to keep the plant flowering.

White Petunia


Belladonna Lily White can produce large and fragrant white flower blooms. Belladonna is also known as Naked Ladies as its flowers grow up and bloom without any signs. You can position this flower in full sun to part shade. They are great for containers. 

White Lilies


Hydrangeas are considered the celebrity of the shrub world. They grow large and vibrant flowers. They are very popular due to their versatility and can easily blend into any landscape. Hydrangeas prefer full sun with part shade and well-drained soils. 

White Hydrangeas


Everlasting daisy flowers bloom from spring to autumn in a sunny spot. It also grows best on sandy soil. Everlasting Daisies are drought tolerant. They are low maintenance and are great for container gardens. It is also great for attracting native bees.

White Dailies


Phloxes are native to North America. Flowers can bloom during summer into early autumn. The flower colour ranges from white, lavender, pink, and bicolour at times with a sweet fragrance. Place it in full sun with rich, moist, well-drained soil.

If you think you have “too much” white on your flowers, you can consider getting white planters instead. 

White garden planters can give a modern vibe and stylish contrast. Make sure not to plant white flowers on it. It would be better to plant colourful ornamentals to balance it out. One great example is this residential complex in Taringa QLD.

Coloured-themed gardens are common nowadays. You can choose whatever colour you want the theme to be. But make sure that you plan ahead and design for it to be effective. As always, you can consult a professional to avoid any problems.

White Phloxes
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