Fiberstone Planters

Fiberstone planters consist of stone powder and fiberglass. They have the appearance and texture of a stone but are lightweight. Fiberstone pots have a rough sand texture because of the sandstone mixture. Its rough sand texture makes a unique look for both indoor and outdoor landscaping. It has clean line edges that make a perfect partner for your contemporary or industrial-themed landscapes.

For streetscapes, you can use these lightweight fiberstone planters to divide open spaces and create a nice contrast. You can also add these planters on balconies where the council code requires high planters. You can also line it up across the walls with climbing shrubs to create an aesthetically-pleasing design.

Fibrestone planters can also be used for indoor design. Actually, it is widely used for home and hotel decorations. With proper planning, you can use fiberstone planters to accentuate specific flowers or plants of your choice with their rustic texture and colours.

In conclusion, these planters are great lightweight planters for your landscaping projects. It possesses a sophisticated, weathered-in appearance, with great durability that professionals are always looking into.