Trough Rectangle Planters

Trough planters are a rectangle shape and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and weight. If your project requires large planters, you can go for as large as L2000 x H500 x W400mm. Similar to square pots, trough pots and planters are commonly used for lining sides and corners. The difference is they are way longer than they can be used as an alternative to fencing.

It is the best option for planting similar or even multiple varieties of plants within a single planter. The plants contained in a line of planter boxes greatly enhance the greenery in an area. The line made by the planter boxes can serve as a division. It can also be used as a guide for a path walk or even a guide for the entrance of a restaurant.

With trough pots, space management would be easier. Planning for a few large rectangular planters is more simple compared to having many different sizes of planters.