Square Planters

Square Planters are well known for their straight lines and sharp edges. It is practically the best option for contemporary and industrial landscape themes in residential, public spaces, or even commercial spaces.

Square pots are also great for space management. Its straight lines and sharp edges give out a stylish design and a perfect fit for corners making them utilize spaces where other planters can’t occupy.

Square pots and planters are versatile making it possible to be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

These types of planters are also great for minimalist indoor designs. For indoor use, you can place it in boring corners for enhancement. You can also plant some ornamentals on this planter and make it a focal point in your indoor garden.

For outdoor use like cafés and restaurants, square pots are normally used to divide space areas and provide a little privacy. Square planters can also be used to create a path walk and can direct foot traffic.