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Common Garden Mistakes to Avoid on a Perennial Garden

Perennial gardens are one of the most prominent types of gardens. Perennials are plants that live for more than two years. The name itself literally translates to “through the years”. Perennials are also low-maintenance after their initial planting.

Perennials might be low-maintenance. However, if you make a garden mistakes, your perennials might not produce as many flowers as they should. 

Here are some of the common perennial garden mistakes that gardeners make.

Choosing Plants Not Acclimated to Your Zone

Plants have a hardiness zone depending on the lowest temperatures regions experience on average. Choose perennials that will thrive in your area. Use this Plant Hardiness Zone as your guide. Planning which perennials to plant and considering their zone preferences will provide for a better-looking garden all year round with fewer problems.

Not Doing Proper Maintenance

Perennials are known for being low-maintenance plants. But making sure that they are healthy can make them look even better. Their maintenance isn’t really that different compared to other plants. Deadheading can encourage the plants to develop new root systems. Mulching will do wonders. Checking for and removing pests will ensure your perennials stay healthy.

Deadheadding flowers for maintenance

Make it a habit to divide your perennials every two to three years. This is important since perennials grow quickly and form large clumps. In this way, the whole plant is not starved for nutrients.

Wrong Plant Placement

You might place your perennials in a perfect location for your eye, but not for the plant. Placing your perennials in the right area can help your plants thrive. Be aware of its sunlight requirement and soil preferences. There are perennials that want sunlight for about twelve hours while others will thrive on partial sunlight. Some perennials also need fast-draining soil. 

As a gardener and landscaper, knowing the preferred growing conditions of a plant is important. Don’t let this slip away from you.

Improper Spacing Between Plants

This might be a problem for perennials. Since these types of plants quickly grow in clumps, they might look great in some large trough planters. Don’t risk it. You can plan out a great-looking perennial garden with proper spacing. Planting too close can encourage plant diseases and they will be fighting for limited nutrients in the soil. This might cause you more problems in the long run.

Have you made any of these mistakes in the past? Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments.

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