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Using of Pots and Planters for Limited Spaces in Residential Areas

Home sweet home. Your house should be where you feel relaxed most of the time. It should be a place you feel safe with your family. Pots and planters can help you achieve these goals.

One of the best ways to improve the relaxation and calmness of a person is by incorporating nature. Different researchers found that “nature” promotes relaxation and mental calmness.

Let’s now do the most basic way of linking your home with nature, pots, and planters.

Since most of us have limited space in our residences, pots and planters are the basic good-to-go for residential gardens. Let’s now talk about some important ideas for using planters for limited spaces.

Entrances and doorways

Setting up planters in your doorway can provide emphasis to your entrance. It can give an appealing and homey feeling to your visitors. You can set up pots on the side of your doorways or even hang them out. Just ensure that your pots’ drainage won’t affect your entrances!

Enhancing a limited space on doorways using planters
Concrete planters to enhance limited spaces on doorways

Window sill

A window sill is also an excellent option for residential areas. Your plants can get the necessary sunlight and won’t take up much of your space. You should put a saucer underneath your pots to catch excess water.

“TIP: green leafy plants are preferred to ornamental plants. They do not need much maintenance that is well suited for busy modern homeowners.”  – IOTA Australia.

Apartments and condominiums

Apartments are also now incorporating nature into their spaces. Grosvenor House Apartments in London uses custom-made polished granite plants for their establishment.

Other apartments are also setting up large planter boxes in their pool area. They add some small trees to add “beach” vibes to their indoor pool.

What are your thoughts about these projects? Did the chosen planters live up to the residential areas?

What are the other ideas on how to incorporate planters for limited spaces? Let us know your thoughts!

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