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Side Yard Landscaping

Let’s face it, living in an urban area might not always provide enough space for landscaping your front yard (if you even have one). Have you thought of designing a side yard instead?

Side yards serve as a connection between your front and back of your living space. It offers a narrow and utilitarian passage without having to cut through the house. This narrow strip acts as a vital space for smaller lots. Don’t waste this space and start your side yard landscaping project.

Here are some ideas you can try for Side Yard Landscaping

Small Living Spaces

It is possible that your side yard’s space has enough space to accommodate a tiny living space. The key to making this little oasis is to ensure privacy and a relaxing atmosphere. You can set up a single lounge chair, or even a pair for an easy getaway.

If your side yard is already paved, add some greens and colourful perennials. You can add trough planters to make simple divisions and add privacy in your area.

Living Space on your Side Yard
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Overhead Designs

You can also create a tunnel-like design with vines and plants in your side yard. Designing a pathway with a leafy tunnel creates a relaxing feeling. For this to be successful, proper planning is a must.

Vertical Planting

Since side yards lack ground space, vertical planning is a great way to add plants. Side yards are for quick access from the front to the back area of your space. You need to ensure that you don’t block the pathway.

You can also use vertical planting to cover boring walls and fences. One downside of a side yard is that may only get limited sunlight. You need to choose plants that don’t require a lot of sun.

Here are some plants that are recommended for vertical planting:

  • Ferns
  • Hoya
  • Orchids
  • Bromeliads

Vertical Planting on a Side Yard

Symmetrical Style

Side yards have limited space, you can make use of it by applying symmetrical designs to maximize the use of space. Balance your pathways with symmetrical plants on each side. Add symmetric hardscape features like an arbor to enhance the look of the side yard.

Have you ever tried side yard landscaping? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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