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Lawn Care Tasks to Do Before Winter

There are a plethora of tasks to do to prepare your garden for winter.  As the temperatures get cooler, you should be preparing your lawn for the winter. Here is a list of tasks that you should be doing before winter comes.

Proper lawn care is important for the next spring season since you won’t be able to do much during winter. Let’s get started with your lawn care.


Prune your plants before winter comes. Trim overgrown shrubs and branches. It is a great way to improve the appearance of your landscape.

Proper way of pruning

Make sure to prune before the first snowfall comes. Snow will be piling up on branches that will cause some damage to your plants and trees. Your plants may take some time to recover and won’t regrow before spring comes.

Autumn pruning prepares your plants and trees for the next growing season. Pruning in autumn promotes new growth when spring comes. It lessens the stress of plants and encourages healthy blooms during spring.


When autumn starts, mowing your lawn regularly is important. Cutting down your grass one-third shorter lessens the shock from the winter cold. This is called the “one-third rule”. Forgetting to cut your grass can set your lawn up for snow molds and harmful insects.

Mow lawn up to one-third shorter

Make sure to cut your lawn to the shortest height you have all season. Do not cut too low however as it might hinder photosynthesis. Too high might cause some damage due to frost.

Rake Leaves, Branches, and Other Debris

Fallen leaves, twigs, and branches should be removed. You think they provide this nostalgic autumn allure, but they may promote mold growth and can cause more problems when the temperature starts to get cooler.

You can use the fallen leaves as fertilizer for the spring season. Bring them to your compost heap but make sure moisture does not reach them.


Mid to end of autumn is a great time to get on top of any weeds. Your grass will start to slow down its growth. But, this is not the same case for weeds. Some weeds may grow even in the cooler season. Control it before it gets out of hand.


While any time of the year is a good time for mulching, mulching before winter makes the most sense. Mulch can help preserve the warmth of the ground. It can help prevent frost from reaching the root systems of your plants. This gives your plants a better chance of surviving winter. Mulch can also help to control weeds and prevent soil erosion.

So if you want your plants and your lawn looking its best come spring, do these tasks before autumn ends.

Mulching for tasks to do before winter

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