GRC Concrete Planters

GRC planters are made of top-quality fiberglass and cement materials. These planters are chosen by Designers, Landscapers, Architects, and Builders as go-to planter for industrial-looking or any landscaping themes. It is normally used to enhance gardens, landscapes, or any streetscaping projects.

GRC planters (Glass-Reinforced Concrete planters) is a type of planter made from cement, resin, stone powder, and fiber glass making it a lightweight planter yet extremely durable and weather-proof. It has excellent hardness and impact strength for outdoor use.

For outdoor use, GRC planters will never fail you. Its durability is very well known and respected by many professionals. The main advantage of GRC pots over the corresponding concrete alternatives is the considerable saving in weight making it workability much easier.

It’s not only for outdoor use though, but some landscapers used it also for indoors giving out a sophisticated look perfect for modern-looking interior design. With its straight and sharp edges, it perfectly compliments the clean minimalist style. GRC planter’s lightweight feature makes indoor renovation easier.

In summary, GRC pots and planters are great planters for both indoor and outdoor use. It is being chosen by professionals because of the features that make it stand out from other planters. It offers superior craftsmanship, great workability while showing off elegance and sophistication to enhance your gardening experience.

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Showing all 15 results